The Edmond Sun

January 4, 2012

City’s gets new look

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The city of Edmond website has been updated with a more personal approach to stay connected with city events and news, said Ashleigh Clark, public information officer for the city of Edmond.

There was a navigation problem, Clark said. Viewers had complained that Public Works information was too hard to access on the previous website design.

 “We tried to make that a little more easy to find on the new website,” Clark said of of the new, designed by CivicPlus.

Calendar updates allow residents to be notified of different community calendars of their choice.

“One good feature is that when you search the website, it will search everything,” Clark said. “It will search calendars, documents and web pages — not just web pages themselves.”

Meetings of the City Council and Planning Commission remain televised live and may be viewed later in the archives. City Council workshops are televised on special occasions.

Nothing has changed about the service listings or login material. The Help Center allows online bill pay, information concerning business and development, and up-to-date alerts on traffic projects. Direct communication with the city makes the website an easy place to report a concern such as a barking dog and stray animals.

“People can also get on there and customize the view of their own website,” Clark said. “They can go into My Dashboard and sign up.”

Clark said the 600-page website remains a work in progress and would appreciate and suggestions for its improvement.

To learn more about the website, contact Ashleigh Clark at 359-4531. | 341-2121, ext. 114