The Edmond Sun

June 10, 2014

Council denies rezoning request

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A rezoning request to allow the second phase of the 1201 Apartments was rejected by the Edmond City Council this week.

Council members voted 5-0 to deny rezoning from commercial development to a multi-family planned unit development on 20.29 acres.

Formerly known as the Enclave Apartments, the first phase of the 1201 Apartments are being constructed after a fire destroyed the first construction attempt in 2009.

Points of contention by nearby residents for the second phase of development included traffic congestion as well as their expectations when purchasing their property that the land would be developed for open commercial development.

City Councilman Nick Massey said traffic will be more intense regardless whether the property remains commercial or is rezoned for multi-family purposes.

“What I do think is the deciding factor is the number of homeowners who bought their homes based on their current understanding of what was there and what would be there,” Massey said.

The nearby residents also argued that that rezoning the property would further minimize the city’s opportunities for commercial zoning.

“This project has been zoned for 10 years with no inquiries to do commercial and no desire to do commercial,” said attorney Randel Shadid, representing the developer.

Shadid said there would be no driveway access from the apartment development to Covell Village Drive. He noted that potential apartment traffic would have ample opportunities to exit on a side road to Covell and Kelly.

The developer also agreed to allow a berm on the property and to allow the homeowners access to use a small detention lake. Maintenance of the lake would be the responsibility of the apartment owner, he said.

The second phase proposed for the project included 160 units, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner. Phase 1 on the 1201 Apartments contains 141 units.

A minimum 130-foot setback was planned from the right-of-way of Covell Village Drive to the first building in the apartment development.

The Edmond Planning Commission voted down the rezoning request by Covell & Kelly Group LLC and Enclave Apartments Covell Village LLC last week. | 341-2121