The Edmond Sun

April 18, 2013

New building coming to Kingston Office Park

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Edmond Planning Commission approved a site plan 5-0 this week for a 8,800-square-foot office building in the Kingston Office Park.

This lot size of 17,875 square feet is west of Bryant, one-quarter mile south of Danforth. Johnston Builders has met with nearby residents to discuss enhancements for the area, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

"They are going to have a gazebo. They have plans for that to be placed in the detention area," Schiermeyer said. The item is compliant with all city codes, Schiermeyer said, and the city will require the gazebo to be completed when the building is constructed.

Twenty-seven parking spaces would be available on the east side of the building that is planned to be 28 feet in height with a pitched roof.

The Molinsky Law Office site recently was approved by the city to be immediately west of the property. Schiermeyer said interconnecting parking and driveways will be provided. Bicycle parking also will be included, he said.

"I think they plan some more trees," Schiermeyer said.

An open area to the south of the brick veneer building will not require drainage work to separate it from the Kingston addition, he added.

Gary Bartley of the Kingston addition said the pond located in the detention area has a fountain that is not working. He questioned whether the area would be landscaped or left in a more natural setting.

"We have recently planted a few trees in front of the pond," Jay Johnston of Johnston Builders said of fulfilling a request made by a neighbor.

A pond maintenance company also has been hired to keep the pond healthy. The detention area will be a nice amenity for the development in order to sell more office buildings at the location, Johnston said.

The gazebo will be placed on higher ground for people to be able to look down at the pond, he said. An office park property association will be responsible for the continued maintenance of the pond.

"We want the whole development to look as nice as possible," he said.