The Edmond Sun

November 17, 2012

Council approves bike plan

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Bicycle Master Plan by the City of Edmond was adopted 5-0 this week by the City Council. The plan identifies short- and long-term bicycle facility improvements for the City of Edmond in order to create a more bicycle-friendly community.

“This is a good plan. It’s going to give us a lot of opportunities for expansion in town,” said Darrell Davis, Ward 3 city councilman.

Public workshops have taken place in the course of the year to provide public input into the plan. Mayor Charles Lamb said the plan raises awareness of bicycling in different ways. The Bicycle Committee will be working on prioritization of the plan.

“There’s quite a bit of action items to be taken over time with this,” Lamb said.

The city will provide continuing opportunities to educate staff and the public regarding the 10-year development plan, said Jan Ramseyer-Fees, assistant city planner and staff liaison with the Bicycle Committee. Fees said she appreciates partnerships developing between the planning department and engineering department for implementing the plan.

“The engineering department is going to be providing signage for two streets identified in the Bicycle Master Plan, which will be eligible for 100 percent funding in the current cycle,” Fees said. No cost estimate for the signage is available at this time, she said.

Bike lanes on University from Second street to Chowning will be the first project developed beginning in June, she said. This segment of University will change from four lanes to three lanes with a center turn lane and bike lanes on the outside, Fees said.

Some bicyclists prefer cycling on off-street Edmond trails. The Bicycle Master Plan is different by being an on-the-street facility plan.

“We’ve got lots of trail initiatives going on right now because for some bicyclists, the only place they will be comfortable riding is on a trail,” Fees said. “But then there are also a lot of bicyclists who want to ride on the roads for transportation, to commute, for health reasons.”

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