The Edmond Sun

December 11, 2012

Urban Board looks at 3-story, mixed-use building in central Edmond

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A proposed three-story building for the northwest corner of Campbell and Jackson was presented at a recent meeting of the Central Edmond Urban Board.

The Turner & Co. project includes business, retail space and a coffee shop on the lower floor while the second and third stories are designed for multi-family units, said Jan Ramseyer-Fees, city planner for the Central Business District.

“It’s a wonderful mixed use project that we would like to see. It’s close to the front property line,” Fees said. “It really has an urban flair to it.”

Three houses on the Downtown Residential District property will be removed if the 40,000-square-foot building is approved by the city. The Edmond Planning Commission is set to consider the item in January, Fees said.

“Streetscaping has already been done on Campbell,” Fees said.

Seventy-six parking spaces are currently planned for the project although 80 parking spaces are needed to meet the city’s standards for the building, said Phillip Morgan, with Bockus Payne Associates Architects. The 76 parking spaces include 10 on-street parking spaces, Morgan said.

Being four parking spaces short, Turner & Co. will ask for a variance in parking, Morgan said. An existing driveway to residential property might also afford an opportunity for more parking, Fees said.

Urban Board member Gary Moore cautioned that parking on a public street cannot be reserved for private use. Downtown merchant and board member Bryanne Wallace said lack of parking is detrimental for business.

Students will not likely change their habits of parking in the spaces planned for by Turner & Co, said board member Charlie Johnson, UCO vice president of university relations. The parking is already taken up by students every day at 8 a.m., Johnson said.

“It sounds from what I’m hearing is you’re putting the burden on the property owner to provide not only their required parking for their property, but student commuter parking,” Morgan said. “From what I’m hearing it sounds a little bit unfair. I’m not trying to be mean or short. I totally understand what you’re saying about commuter parking, but we’re looking at the requirements for the property.”

Johnson said it is not a matter of fairness, but a matter of information of what will happen.

“I love the concept,” Johnson said. “I wanted to bring it up because I know this will be facing you every day.”

Parking also will drive the type of retail that’s going to be part of the project, said Janet Yowell, board member and executive director of the Edmond Economic Development Authority.

The overall project is good for downtown and has the potential of bringing new types of retail to the area, she said. | 341-2121