The Edmond Sun

July 10, 2013

Grandfather steps between police, grandson during altercation

Police use stun gun on 20-year-old

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A grandfather fearing his combative grandson might have to be shot shielded the relative during a scuffle with officers, an incident report states.

At about 6:40 a.m. July 5, Edmond Police Officer Joshua Pratt was dispatched to a disturbance at a home in the 1800 block of South Rankin Street, according to the report filed by Pratt. En route, dispatch said a male allegedly high on drugs was actively trying to fight his grandfather, the report stated.

When Pratt arrived, a female witness said the male was “tripping out,” and she reported he mentioned taking meth and LSD, Pratt stated. She told the officer to be careful because the male had said something about a knife, the report stated.

Pratt, who found the male sitting in a Ford F-150, stated he was wide eyed, grabbing his head and thrashing about. He kept saying “Oh my God” and cursing loudly, the report stated.

The officer asked the male what was happening and the behavior continued; he noticed an open wound on his forehead that was still bleeding, Pratt stated.

Officer Jason Lewellyn arrived, unlocked the doors from the driver’s side and joined Pratt by the passenger door, the report stated. After Pratt asked the male what was happening again, he looked at the officer, cursed at him and suddenly lunged out of the passenger door at Pratt, the report stated.

He stepped back and drew his stun gun, Pratt stated. The male, who clenched his fists as he continued to curse at the officer, disobeyed Pratt’s command to get on the ground, the report stated.

When the male raised his fists and came toward the officer as if he wanted to fight, Pratt deployed his stun gun; he heard it sparking but it did not seem to have any effect, the report stated. The male backed away for a moment, then pulled the wires out of the cartridge still attached to the stun gun in his hand, Pratt stated.

The male clenched his fists again and Pratt told Lewellyn to deploy his stun gun, the report stated. As Lewellyn raised his stun gun to deploy it, the male’s grandfather stepped between him and the officers, the report stated.

An unidentified individual took the male to the ground and kept him there while Pratt straddled his legs to further control his movement, the report stated.

Pratt stated the male continued to resist and was violently thrashing his arms and legs and yelling the entire time. He resisted even after Pratt told him he was under arrest, the report stated.

Pratt delivered three to four closed fist strikes, which allowed Lewellyn to grab the male’s arm and be handcuffed, the report stated. Officers found one of the probes on the ground and believed it had hit the suspect’s belt buckle when Pratt used his stun gun, the report stated.

During questioning, witnesses said before the officers arrived the suspect was hallucinating, uttered “a knife, a knife” repeatedly and he hit his forehead on a trash bin several times, causing the wound, Pratt stated.

The grandfather apologized for stepping between the officers and his grandson during the incident, Pratt stated. When he saw the stun gun had not been effective, he feared the officers were going to have to shoot his grandson, the report stated.

Lewellyn accompanied the suspect to OU Medical Center-Edmond, where he continued to be combative, Pratt stated.

Pratt stated that Gabe Allen Wainscott, 20, of Edmond, was arrested on complaints of felony assault with a hand on a police officer, resisting or obstructing an officer and public intoxication.

Wainscott was transported to the county jail and his bond was set at $5,500, according to jail records. | 341-2121, ext. 108