The Edmond Sun

April 30, 2013

City treasurer’s final elected term about to expire

City manager plans to appoint Schaus to continue in position

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — City treasurer Steven Schaus has accepted City Manager Larry Stevens’ recommendation to the Edmond City Council that Schaus be appointed as city treasurer after his elected term expires May 6, Schaus said.

“There will be an item on the May 13 agenda to formalize this approval,” Stevens said.

Voters approved a city charter amendment in 2009 calling for the city office of treasurer to become an appointed position. Schaus also supported the change.

Schaus has served as Edmond city treasurer since 1991. His last opponent for an election was then-college student Mark Horan in 1993.

“I enjoy the people and public service,” Schaus said. “… It’s just been an enjoyable experience all around dealing with the mayor and council. We have a good staff and council. It’s a pleasure to do.”

The office of city treasurer is directly responsible for the investment and management of $135,000 in city funds and is indirectly responsible for $41 million held in the city pension fund.

His salary for the part-time office of city treasurer is $450 per month. Schaus has supported his family as owner and president of Schaus & Company since 1984.

In addition, Lisa Murray, who has served as director of Treasury Services for 19 years, has tendered her resignation with the city. She will serve as chief investment officer for State Treasurer Ken Miller, Schaus said.

The city charter has been amended infrequently since it was adopted in 1925 and approved by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 1926. The charter was amended in 1929, 1937, 1977, 2001 and 2009. | 341-2121