The Edmond Sun

March 8, 2013

Citizens Bank to sell 3 branch locations

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Citizens Bank anticipates the sale of three branch offices in Edmond, said Jill Castilla, executive vice president. Plans are to reinvest the asset into the Edmond business community, she said Friday evening.

All of Citizens Bank’s offices intended for sale are located within 3 miles of the bank’s main location in downtown Edmond. Offices to be sold include locations at 16461 N. Penn, which is near the intersection of 164th Street and Penn; 855 W. Covell Road, which is at the Covell and Kelly intersection; and 3600 S. Boulevard, which is on Boulevard between 33rd Street and Memorial Road.

“We’re so excited because it’s going to offer benefits to our customers as well as the bank,” Castilla said.

Technological advances within the banking industry have been profound in recent years, she said. There are more deposit opportunities by utilizing a smart phone and ATMs for making deposits.

The functionality of Internet banking has improved so much that the traffic has reduced significantly at the three branch offices, Castilla said.

“We’ve entered into an agreement already. The way banking works is you have to provide 90 days of notice to your depositors whenever you have a branch transition,” Castilla said. “We’re undergoing that process with a letter to customers within the next couple of days.”

The asset sales will be used to make further investments in technology, providing customers even greater access to Citizens Bank, she said.

Hours will be extended downtown at the 1 E. First St. location by opening the bank on Saturdays to provide customers more flexible hours of accessibility, she said.

“It will be part of the whole renaissance of downtown (Edmond),” she said. “And we just feel like we’re getting back to our roots even firmer by investing in our downtown offices and using that as a launching point to continue our investment in the Edmond community.”

The bank also owns 32 N. Broadway, known as the Citizens Banking Center.

Citizens Bank has been in Edmond for 112 years and is the only original bank existing in Edmond since before statehood. Castilla is a fourth generation family member to work at Citizens Bank with family ownership. C.H. Wyatt is president of Citizens Bank.

“This is our home and is where we intend to be for the next 112 years,” Castilla said.

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