The Edmond Sun

January 3, 2013

State lawmakers support concealed carry for teachers

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — State Rep. Mark McCullough, R-Sapulpa, will propose a bill to allow teachers and principals to carry guns at schools.

Discussions involve having Cleet certification training available for the faculty in advance of conceal and carry, said state Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie.

“I’m all for that. I think it’s a great idea,” Murphey said. He doubts that teachers would be required to carry a gun on campus.

“You’d like to see them get some sort of compensation structure so that those who sacrifice to get that training, they could maybe make a little more on their pay just for taking on that responsibility.”

Logan County Sheriff Jim Bauman said he is willing to teach gun safety to teachers free of charge.

After the deadly school shooting of school children in Newtown, Conn., Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman and House Speaker-elect T.W. Shannon Thursday announced the formation of the Oklahoma Commission on School Security.

There are already school districts in the state that allow conceal and carry, Murphey said. One Guthrie school board member has already told Murphey that he likes the idea of teachers carrying guns on campus, Murphey said.

“I get the feeling that administration probably doesn’t,” Murphey said.

The current concealed carry law was made for the firearm to protect employees, an employer or close family member, Bauman said. Otherwise call 9-11 and be a good witness, Bauman said.

Bauman said the idea being suggested to get rid of gun shows will not prevent criminals from purchasing a weapon. There are still 5 million gun shops in the U.S., Bauman said.

“The bad guys are always going to get what he wants. All we’d be doing is stopping good guys from being able to protect themselves,” Bauman said.

More than 5 million assault rifles were sold in the U.S. after talk to ban them accelerated after the Newtown shootings involving the use of an assault rifle, Bauman said.

“A gun three weeks ago that was $600 is $1,200 to $1,400, up to $2,220 today because of trying to restrict them and ban them, Bauman said.

To avoid theft, Bauman advices gun owners not to leave their guns in a vehicle.

“Lock them up. Make sure they’re safe. If you’ve got kids in the house, make sure to lock them up,” he said. | 341-2121