The Edmond Sun

January 17, 2013

Task force discusses frontage road needs

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The City of Edmond needs to discuss its use of frontage roads along Interstate 35, said Steve Commons, assistant city manager. Frontage road improvements are not part of the city’s five-year plan.

“We’ve got some challenges,” he said this week to the Capital Projects and Financing Task Force. “When you look at I-35 and you’ve got frontage roads that were designed for a certain type of use, and we now put two beautiful medical facilities built along commercial activity along those frontage roads. How are we going to handle traffic on frontage roads like that?”

Taskforce member David Tew said the city needs to begin looking at how it will accommodate traffic flow for a new public high school east of I-35 in coming years.

Commons said the city is already in discussions with Edmond Public Schools regarding a location for a fourth high school to be built east of the interstate within the next 15 years.

Taskforce member Matt Burns asked if further development off Second Street going north of I-35 could remove the possibility of constructing a frontage road going north to Covell.

“I think that’s an issue on how that land can develop,” Commons said. “So that is something we work with property owners that are affected by that to see how intense they would like to restrict how much development can come on that property.”

The city cannot allow development accommodating a certain density along the strip if the city cannot adequately serve the infrastructure needs, Commons said.

“If you build a frontage road to Danforth, in this case, then it changes that traffic model tremendously,” Commons said. | 341-2121