The Edmond Sun

January 28, 2013

AG challenges federal claims on health care lawsuit

The Edmond Sun

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Friday challenged the federal government’s claim that the IRS should not follow provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

“Oklahoma’s lawsuit has never been about the policy or politics of the Affordable Care Act,” Pruitt said. “It is about the legality of what the IRS is doing and ensuring that the federal government complies with implementation of its own law.”

The state’s response argues an IRS rule punishes “large employers,” including local government, with millions of dollars in tax penalties in states with federal health care exchanges, which is not allowed under the Affordable Care Act. The rule also violates the Administrative Procedures Act, the complaint states.

Oklahoma’s original lawsuit was filed in January 2011. In September, following the U.S. Supreme Court decision, General Pruitt filed an amended complaint to raise issues related to the law’s implementation.