The Edmond Sun

November 9, 2012

Police: Road rage incident involved gun, racial slur

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A local man was arrested after he allegedly flashed a handgun and uttered a racial slur during an argument in traffic, police said.

At about 7:50 p.m. on Nov. 3, Edmond Police Officer Roger Shortt was on patrol in the area of Edmond Road and Fretz Avenue when dispatch contacted officers, according to a report filed by Shortt.

A 2005 Ford F150 was accompanied by a yellow motorcycle and both were last seen heading east on Danforth, police said. Shortt joined other officers trying to locate the pickup. It was stopped just west of the Covell-Coltrane intersection, where the yellow motorcycle was also stopped, police said. The driver of the motorcycle was not detained, according to the incident report.

When Shortt arrived at the scene, the driver of the pickup was detained, police said. He approached it and spoke to the female passenger. “I guess there isn’t one,” she purportedly told the officer when he asked where the handgun was, Shortt stated in the incident report narrative.

Since the victim told dispatch there was a handgun involved and because the passenger was not restrained and seated in the pickup, Shortt searched its front compartment, the police report states.

During the search, he found a loaded .40-caliber Springfield XD-40 semi-automatic handgun in the center console, police said. It was loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition, police said. Shortt seized the handgun and a holster, unloaded the weapon and secured the items in the trunk of his squad car, police said.

The victim said she left the Danforth Walmart parking lot and inadvertently pulled in front of a pickup, police said. She said the pickup followed very close to her rear bumper and began to honk at her at an intersection, police said.

She tried to wave at the driver of the pickup to apologize, police said. A passenger in her vehicle got out while the pickup was still honking and attempted to apologize, police said.

When she was stopped for a red light, the driver of the pickup pulled alongside her, rolled down the window and pointed the handgun at her, police said. She could see it as the driver held it in front of the passenger in the pickup, police said.

“I’ll kill you, you little (expletive),” he allegedly said, using the “n-word” as he pointed the handgun at her, the report states.

The victim was afraid the driver of the pickup was going to shoot her, police said. The pickup sped off and she called for help. She maintained a safe distance from the pickup and directed officers to it until it was stopped at Covell and Coltrane, police said.

The driver of the pickup, Ellis R. Lewis, 22, of Edmond, was arrested on a felony pointing of a firearm in a threatening manner complaint, according to police records.

At the city jail, he agreed to answer questions and said the incident started near the Walmart at 2200 W. Danforth when the victim failed to yield and pulled out in front of him, causing him to slam on his brakes, police said. He was angry because a relative following him on a motorcycle had to take evasive action to stop before hitting the back of his pickup, police said.

He said he was behind the victim as they both traveled east and stopped for a red light at the intersection near the 2000 block of Danforth, police said.

He said an occupant from the victim’s car got out and approached his pickup, police said. He claimed at that time he feared the person was going to try to get in his car, police said.

When the light turned green, the occupant returned to the victim’s car, which continued east on Danforth, police said. He followed the vehicle and tried to pass it several times, but was cut off by the victim each time, police said.

Police said Lewis explained that while he was stopped at the Kelly-Danforth intersection he pulled the handgun out of the console, rolled down his passenger side window, raised it and said, “Don’t mess with me.”

The passenger, Annastayzia Elizabeth Wilson, 20, of Edmond, was taken into custody on an obstruction complaint for allegedly lying about the location of the handgun, the police report states. Her account was similar to the one presented by Lewis, and she admitted to lying about the handgun, according to the police incident report.

The suspects had not yet been booked into the county jail, according to jail records. | 341-2121, ext. 108