The Edmond Sun

April 22, 2013

Russell Dougherty invites residents to ‘Think Green’

Recycling event continues this week

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Earth Day was being observed throughout the nation Monday, and Russell Dougherty Elementary School set up a recycling program observing Earth Day for the week.

Although students recycle paper daily, Green Committee Chairman for the school, Dave Cooper, is the parent who set up the recycling program to collect paper, metals and eWaste. Trailers are parked on the north side street of the school. Cooper said the trailers will be parked at the school all week until Friday, although the paper bin is there year-round.

“Last year we did a paper drive only and it got quite a bit of traction over the weekend we did it, so I wanted to expand this year,” Cooper said. “If it is successful we’ll run it again next year and see if we can expand it further.

“This is a good opportunity, particularly for people to get rid of old computers, cell phones, VCRs, etc. These contain valuable heavy metals, which can be reclaimed and prevents toxins from reaching landfills. No CRT TVs and no electric appliances — it is electronic waste only.”

Russell Dougherty fifth-grade student Jaiden Lydick said, “It is important for us to not use a lot of paper because someone has to cut down the forests and then the animals don’t have any place to live.”

Fifth-grader Houston Greene said, “We need to learn to protect our environment, and that is what Earth Day reminds us to do.”

All of Edmond’s students and teachers as well as Edmond residents are urged to take advantage of the program. Associate Superintendent of District of Operations Bret Towne has notified the schools inviting them to take part.

The trailers will be picked up Friday morning, Cooper said, and the school will get a check depending upon how much is collected. The proceeds will go toward education and green school projects, although the details of those projects are as yet undecided.

The following materials may be recycled:  

• eWaste pretty much anything electronic, including: cell phones, lithium ion batteries, computer towers/laptops, orange/green boards, CRT and flat screen computer monitors, keyboards and mouses and VCRs/DVD/ Hi-fi equipment

• No, CRT TVs are allowed and flat screen TVs are allowed only if the screen is unbroken.

• Metals

• Anything ferrous or non-ferrous (aluminum, steel, brass, iron, copper, lead). Soda cans are the most obvious, but anything metal, like rinsed food cans.

• Paper

• Newspapers

• Magazines

• Junk mail

• Fliers

• Office paper

• School paper (including all schoolwork returned home).

The recycling effort cannot accept cardboard, plastic, wax paper or phone books.