The Edmond Sun

October 17, 2013

Police: Assault suspect brandishes ax handle

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — An Edmond man faces an assault with a dangerous weapon complaint for allegedly using an ax handle during a domestic dispute, an incident report stated.

At about 7:55 a.m. Oct. 9, Police Officer Paul Sinclair was dispatched to the 1000 block of East Ayers regarding a disturbance and possible assault, Sinclair stated. Sinclair met with Police Officer Tom Williams who had a suspect in custody.

Sinclair stated there were two victims — a female who was the suspect’s girlfriend and a male.

According to the female victim, she was in her apartment, trying to get to her phone when the suspect allegedly threw her on the bed and began to choke her, Sinclair stated. When the suspect released her, she ran out of the apartment, according to the police report..

The suspect allegedly destroyed everything in the female victim’s apartment, and at some point during the incident, she suffered a very deep laceration to her right foot; she believed she cut it on one of the many pieces of broken glass the suspect created, Sinclair stated.

She called the other male and asked him to come get her, Sinclair stated.

Outside, at the others male’s vehicle, there was more arguing and a physical altercation, Sinclair stated. The suspect took an ax handle from the male’s vehicle, allegedly struck him with it several times and also struck him with a closed fist, Sinclair stated.

Sinclair stated he could see the male victim had several welts where he said he was struck with the ax handle and was punched in the face.

A male said when he arrived with his fire crew he witnessed the suspect swinging the ax handle at the male victim and punching him, Sinclair stated. He said the suspect was close enough to the male victim to make contact but was not sure if the suspect actually made contact with the ax handle or not, Sinclair stated.

Williams said when he arrived the suspect still possessed the ax handle and appeared to be highly agitated, Sinclair stated. Williams detained the suspect and seized the ax handle, Sinclair stated.

Jerome Deshawn Garrett, 24, of Edmond, was arrested on complaints of felony assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault, according to the police incident report. He was transported to a local hospital to treat a laceration on his right foot, the report stated.

After being read his rights, the suspect agreed to answer questions and said he was only trying to defend himself from one of the victims and denied trying to choke or harm the female victim, Sinclair stated.

On Oct. 10, Sinclair stated, he received medical treatment forms from the two victims, and they were sent with other information to the district attorney’s office. As of Thursday, Garrett remained incarcerated in the county jail on $15,000 bond, county jail records show.

On Oct. 11, initial criminal probable cause paperwork was filed with Oklahoma County District Court, court records show. | 341-2121, ext. 108