The Edmond Sun

February 26, 2013

Council says yes to 3-story retail/apartment building

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A commercial site plan for a three-story building for the northwest corner of Campbell and Jackson was approved this week 5-0 by the Edmond City Council. The Turner & Co. masonry veneered building design includes business, retail space and a coffee shop on the lower floor. Second and third stories are designed for multi-family units.

“The site meets all requirements. There are no variances,” said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

This item was recommended for approval this month by the Central Edmond Urban Board where it was noted that three houses on the Downtown Residential District property will be removed for the construction of a 44,790-square-foot building.

“There would be 30 apartment buildings and they would be constructed on the upper floors. The lower floor will be retail,” Schiermeyer said.

A sufficient number of 77 parking spaces are currently planned for the project, Schiermeyer said. Requirements include 19 parking spaces for the retail use and 19 more spaces for multifamily purposes, he added.

“In my thinking this is unique that a given number of residents will have to access the parking off the alley,” said Elizabeth Waner, city councilwoman.

Turner & Co. plans to add additional parking and pave the alley that runs west and north of the property. There should be no impact to the city streets, Schiermeyer said.

“There will be no congestion or blocking the alley with the dimensions they provided for,” Schiermeyer said.

Campbell Street is already part of Streetscape parking and sidewalks and is included in the parking plan, Schiermeyer said. However, the Streetscape parking cannot be reserved for property owners, Schiermeyer said.

“The parking is atrocious,” said Brenda Miller, who lives within 300 feet of the project. “This is going to cause more parking problems from the college. They park all up and down my street.”

Mayor Charles Lamb said urban settings present parking challenges. College students park wherever they can, he said. Campbell is a designated street to link with the University of Central Oklahoma, he added.

“I think the applicant knows that, understands the challenge it presents and proposes a project with more parking than it would require,” said Lamb, who is running for re-election against retiree Richard Prawdzienski on April 2.

Clay Coldiron, representing Turner & Co., said he hopes people comply with the private parking signs. Ten bicycle racks are planned with the possibility of providing more, Coldiron said.