The Edmond Sun

August 20, 2013

500 students enroll in newest Edmond school

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — In the Edmond School District Monday, 23,253 students were enrolled, an increase of 700 students over last spring’s closing numbers.

Five hundred elementary students were enrolled in the district’s newest elementary school, Frontier Elementary, on Monday. On Tuesday morning, the first day of school, parents and students began lining up outside the doors before 8 a.m. so they could be the first ones to cross the threshold when the school opened the first time for the 8:50 a.m. classes.

Although the $13.7 million school is unfinished at this time, the completion date is estimated to be within the next three to four weeks, said Susan Park-Schlepp, public information officer.

Cara Jernigan, Frontier’s principal, said, “I am so excited; I may be more excited than the students.”

Jernigan said her biggest goal for the summer was to begin school with all of the students in the same spot, and they are.

Part of Frontier’s staff of 27 teachers was on hand to greet the students as they came through the front door while the rest of them waited for the students in their classrooms.

First-year kindergarten teacher Kristen Mays greeted her students with the red carpet treatment and a “Welcome to Hollywood” where each student is a VIP.

“We are all celebrities,” Mays said as she greeted her students at their new classroom door.

As Jennifer and Jay Prindle saw their kindergartner Brook Prindle to class, Jennifer said, “Brooke is my last child to go to kindergarten, so although I am happy for her, I have mixed feelings.”

One wing contains the office, media center, cafeteria, two music rooms and one room that will be used as a gifted and talented.

The gymnasium is still under construction, said Bret Towne, associate superintendent, general administration.

“Sometime during the week of Labor Day we hope to have everything finished with the exception of the gym,” Towne said. “The gym floor wood has to acclimate to its surroundings before it can be laid down.”

Towne said until the cafeteria is finished, lunch is being brought in heated containers and coolers so the temperature and quality is maintained.

New teachers Allison Boswell, music teacher, and Rachel Wood, physical education teacher, said they were a little nervous the night before their first day at school.

“I wanted to be able to answer any questions the parents might have with confidence,” Wood said.

Boswell said she was worried she wouldn’t get to school on time.

“We have had a chance to peek in our wing and it is awesome,” Boswell said. “Everything is so gorgeous.”   

Rock is used throughout the building, and terrazzo tile echoes the brilliant colors of purple, red, yellow and chartreuse where the main hallways cross.

“What we are hoping to do is have a grand opening when the school is completely finished,” Towne said.