The Edmond Sun

August 26, 2013

Police: Body armor, gas mask stolen from squad car

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Body armor and a gas mask were stolen and several tactical items were found near an unmarked squad car parked in a northeast Edmond residential area, police said.

Jenny Monroe, spokeswoman for the Edmond Police Department, said at least four auto burglaries were reported overnight Sunday into Monday morning in the Fairfax neighborhood, a gated addition near the Covell-Coltrane intersection. The burglaries occurred on Spyglass Hill Road.

“The suspects broke out windows in the vehicles and stole various items,” she said. “One of the vehicles was an unmarked Edmond Police Department vehicle. No weapons were stolen, but the suspects did attempt to pry the guns from their rack.”

Monroe said body armor and a gas mask valued at more than $1,500 were stolen from the unmarked car. Other ammunition and equipment were located outside the vehicle along the nearby Fairfax Golf Club.

Each Police Department squad car contains different types of guns depending on how the vehicle is used, Monroe said. All the weapons in this vehicle were secured, and it does not appear the suspect would have known what was inside until they broke the window, she said.

Monroe said it appeared that no ammunition was missing; the suspect may have attempted to take it and dropped it. Officers found the ammunition outside a vehicle in the driveway, she said. Tactical equipment also was found outside the vehicle.

The other vehicles broken into had windows broken as well, Monroe said. Items stolen from the other vehicles include a wallet, a pistol concealed in a console and an empty bag, Monroe said.

The Police Department is aware of at least one other incident, but the owner of that vehicle had not yet filed an incident report, Monroe said.

Auto burglaries are a crime of opportunity, Monroe said. Usually, a crime spree like this is from someone going around and checking doors to see which are unlocked, which was not the case here, Monroe said. In this case, windows were broken and the suspect was grabbing as much as possible out of the vehicles, she said. | 341-2121, ext. 108