The Edmond Sun

January 18, 2013

Memorial junior makes 36 on ACT

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Memorial High School junior David Milligan is one of two Edmond students who have earned a perfect 36 on the ACT test.

David said this is the second time he has taken the test. The first time he took it was as a sophomore.

“I really wasn’t sure if I was going to take it as a junior or not, but my brother who is in the seventh grade and my sister who is a sophomore wanted to take it, and they wanted me to go with them,” he said.

David said he didn’t take practice tests ahead of time nor did he do any extra studying.

“I just went in there cold and took it,” he said. “Looking back I probably didn’t make the wisest decision when I did that.”

David said he found out he had made the high score when his mother called and told him the grades were announced and to go and find his.

“My mom called me and told me to log in on the computer. I told her I was really tired and just wanted to sleep,” David said. “My dad and my sister were in the room and mom told me my grade anyway. I jumped out of bed and was running and screaming through the house. Everyone was laughing at me.”

When his brother and sister learned of his score David said both of them are going to try to achieve the same score.

David said learning has always been pretty easy for him.

He has been a participant in the Advanced Placement classes and took AP European History as a sophomore and is taking AP English Language, AP U.S. History and AP Chemistry this year.

“I thought I knew all the test subject areas, and I felt adequately prepared,” David said. “I felt the same way I did when I took it the first time, so I thought I would get in the high 30s, but I didn’t think it was going to be that high.”

David said the first time he took the test it took it with the writing exam and realized that was not the wisest choice for him to do so he did not take it the second time. “Very few schools require the writing part of the exam unless you plan on getting an English degree,” he said.

“My parents have encouraged me since I was little,” David said. “They taught me  education and learning, reading and writing are all important. Anything I do well is because they have prepared me for it.”

Most of his nights he spends working at Tinseltown.

“I’ve been trained to do all the jobs,” David said. He might be found selling tickets or taking them or working the concessions.

In addition to his job, David enjoys music and plays the violin in the school orchestra, sings tenor 1 in the men’s chorus and has learned he will have a part in an upcoming musical.

This active young man is also working on his Eagle Scout project.

“As with almost all students who perform exceptionally well on standardized tests, David’s interests and daily habits include a vast range of experiences,” said Memorial principal Debbie Bendick. “He is a voracious reader, with fantasy at the top of his list of genres; he participates in both our orchestra and men’s choir; he is a lifelong Boy Scout, focused on the Eagle rank; he has an after-school job; and he is a devoted Mormon, looking forward to serving a mission immediately upon graduation from high school. David’s 36 is not an accident; rather, it is evidence of attentive, supportive parents who have carefully provided their son with a supportive environment, richly diverse experiences and first-class educational opportunities.”

David has been in the Edmond School District for five years and plans to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and major in chemical engineering or forensics. He is the son of Amy and Thomas Milligan.