The Edmond Sun

January 30, 2013

Students invited to join North's 'Boxing for BALTO'

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — An Edmond North High School student has thought of a unique way to raise money for BALTO and help her friends and anyone else interested in getting fit while having fun.

BALTO — Bring A Light To Others — is North’s annual fundraiser that benefits a nonprofit organization chosen by the school. This year North’s Student Council chose the March of Dimes Foundation.

BALTO Week is Feb. 11-15, although students spend the year raising money.

North junior Kyla Michaels is one of the BALTO candidates who is raising money for the big BALTO reveal in February by hosting a type of boxing camp three days a week.

“A friend and co-worker of my dad teaches kickboxing as well as boxing,” Kyla said. “He said he would like to help me raise money for BALTO.”

After thinking about it, Kyla came up with an event called “Boxing for BALTO.”

“It has been a huge success,” Kyla said. “It has had a huge turnout and everyone that comes keeps coming back.”

So far just North students have come to the three work-outs a week, but Kyla said any area student who is eager to work up a sweat and have fun doing it is invited to come work out with the group.

“Everyone is welcome,” Kyla said. “If you want to come and learn, you are welcome.

All of the proceeds go to BALTO, and Kyla said so far she has raised a little more than $750.

The students started the classes in early December under the direction of instructor Brandon Rondo, and the classes have turned out to be a success.

“We have had from 18 to 27 students coming to each workout,” Kyla said. “It is an amazing thing that kids are coming to do this consistently, and it’s something new that BALTO has never done before.”

The practices are held in a gym on Waterloo Road and consist of a warm-up, learning combinations of kickboxing and regular boxing, and participating in stations.

“It is a really good environment and Brandon makes it fun,” Kyla said.

The cost for three times a week for a month is $40, or individuals may pay $5 for each time they come.

“The first time is free so you can see if you like it,” Kyla said, “but everyone who comes, comes back. We have never had any one-timers.”

North senior Michelle MacLean echoed Kyla’s statement.

“I have been going since the first day it started,” MacLean said. “I really liked the aspect of all of the activities you do and it is really upbeat. Brandon, the instructor, makes it interesting so you want to keep going. I like how satisfied I feel after I have gone. I have seen an increase in tone, and I am keeping a healthier weight.”

The workout begins at 7 p.m. three nights a week at 121 E. Waterloo Road, next door to Victory Gym. For additional information contact Kyla at

Kyla said to wear shorts and T-shirts and bring water to drink.

“Even after BALTO is over we will continue with the workouts and the money we raise will go toward BALTO 2014,” Kyla said. | 341-2121