The Edmond Sun

February 12, 2013

Kelly Lakes addition gains council approval

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Edmond City Council approved the preliminary plat 5-0 this week for Kelly Lakes II addition. Plans are for the addition to be located south of Sorghum Mill Road, one-quarter mile east of Kelly.

Kelly Lakes Development LLC plans for 189 single family homes with lot sizes ranging from 6,900 square feet to 10,000 square feet, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner. The gated community is planned for senior adult living.

The majority of the streets in the 51-acre development are public except at the northeast corner of the plat where a new street will be added.

“The northeast corner of this plat and the street across the detention area will add a new private street to what has been previously approved for the Kelly Lakes Addition,” Schiermeyer said. “The intent is to provide a gated access for the senior housing portion of the project.”

Kelly Lakes I homeowner Brandon Larson and his family recently moved to the area, he said.

“I have no concerns for them building out,” Larson said. “My main objection to the development that’s going on right now around my home is it is chaos. It’s a mess.”

Larson said he is picking up trash every day that blows into his yard. He also asked when the playground area will be built that was promised to him when he purchased his home.

“I’ve got little kids and they want to play on a playground,” Larson said.

Engineer Ernie Isch, representing the developer, said the playground will be built as part of the next phase of development. Two swimming pools have already been installed, Isch said, as a contribution to the homeowners association. | 341-2121, ext. 114