The Edmond Sun

May 13, 2013

Baha’is gather for devotional meeting

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — “Five Years too Many,” is the theme of a special devotional gathering planned for 7 p.m.  Tuesday on the fifth anniversary of the imprisonment of seven Baha’i leaders in Iran. The program will focus on offering prayers for the well-being and release of all Baha’i prisoners in Iran who have been detained for years on false charges stemming from their belief in the Baha’i Faith.

Oklahoma Baha’is join their co-religionists from all parts of the world in a recent campaign, “Five Years too Many,” which refers to the number of years the Baha’i leaders have been imprisoned without a proper trial.

The devotional is open to the public and will be at the Edmond Baha’i Center, 321 E. Campbell Drive, just west of the UCO clock tower. Metro Baha’is are inviting their friends from all faiths to join them in offering scared scriptures from all the world’s religions at the event.

Additionally, the metro Baha’is began a prayer chain May 1, to last all month to offer prayers for the prisoners and for human rights worldwide. Families and groups have signed up to hold a devotional every day in May with the special gathering May 14 and continuing on through the end of the month.

Nationwide Baha’is also are contacting their senators and representatives to request their sponsorship or support of two new resolutions, S. Res. 75 and H. Res. 109, respectively, which protest and denounce the Iranian government’s persecution of the Baha’is of Iran and human rights violations.

“We are grateful for all the support and prayers from the other faith-based organizations over the years and invite them to join us if they can on Tuesday for this special devotional,” said Terri Angier, spokesperson for the Edmond Baha’i Community. “We also appreciate the Oklahoma delegation for their continued support with a special thanks to Congressman Lankford for his leadership and sponsorship of the last resolution in Congress in support of the Baha’is of Iran and for human rights worldwide.”

Currently, there are more than 100 Baha’is imprisoned in Iran purely because of their faith. Many were detained in the past two years for their involvement in the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education, which provided the only avenue for Baha’i students to work toward a higher education degree since they are denied education access by the government of Iran.

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