The Edmond Sun

March 14, 2013

L.A. Fitness Center chooses Edmond location

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Site plan approval for an L.A. Fitness Center was approved this week 4-0 by the Edmond City Council. Plans are for the fitness center to be located at 745 W. Danforth east of the Dollar Store and Kohl’s department store and west of the Pebble Creek addition.

“The main reason this is here is although there are site-proof fences along the north and east … there is one lot that does not have a site-proof fence,” said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

The council agreed with the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the developer to plant a row of trees as a landscape barrier instead of building a site-proof fence. The vote also pleased a group of Pebble Creek residents.

“We didn’t have a sensitive border requirement,” Schiermeyer said, while explaining it would be awkward to combine existing residential fencing with a  higher quality of fence.

One of the residents said she did not want a site-proof fence to obstruct the view she enjoys through her chain-length fence. Engineer Doug Klassen, representing the developer, said he would work with the city on the placement for the landscaping improvements.

Realtor Jeff Norman said he is pleased to see that L.A. Fitness has selected Edmond for business.

“I think it’s interesting that they’ve chosen Edmond as one of their first locations in the entire state,” Norman said. “That says something about our city.” | 341-2121