The Edmond Sun

May 16, 2013

New law allows counties to use state purchasing system

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill this week that allows counties to participate in the state purchasing program.

County purchasing officers will be able to make transactions through the state purchase card program (P-Card), according to House Bill 1987 by state Rep. David Brumbaugh, R-Broken Arrow.

“I think that will make a lot of purchases by county government a lot more efficient,” said Mark Sharpton, Logan County commissioner.

Doing business with chosen vendors for the P-Card will simplify doing business by getting an invoice with the P-Card, he said. HB 1987 is a good approach to streamlining government, Sharpton said.

“I appreciate the governor signing the bill and trying to help county government out,” Sharpton said.

The measure enables counties to lower costs by taking advantage of discounts through volume purchasing, Brumbaugh said. Savings will occur by reducing paperwork and man hours, he said. It benefits the economy by putting those dollars back into the market more quickly.

The bill will expedite deliveries by allowing counties to purchase items without a purchase order number. According to the Oklahoma Office of Management and Emergency Services, advantages of participating in the program also include rebates to participating agencies and merchant acceptance because of faster payment.

“At the end of the year we get a 1.5-percent rebate on anything that we bought with it,” said Ray Vaughn, Oklahoma County commissioner. “It will be an incredible savings to county government.”

Vaughn said each county cardholder will attend training sessions on how to use the cards and specifically how not to abuse the P-Card.

“I’m sure once the implementation date hits, you’ll see a lot of counties signing up to do that,” Vaughn said. | 341-2121