The Edmond Sun

March 14, 2013

WWF raises $52,300 for Positive Tomorrows

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — And the winner is . . . Positive Tomorrows! Student Council members organized the week’s activities for the 2013 Wonderful World of Fundraising with WWF Chair Selena Choudry in the starring role supported by more than 1,160 students working together to raise money.

Deer Creek High School students, led by Choudry along with the Doughboys, male and female alike, raised more than $52,300 for Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children in the Oklahoma City area. With the Doughboys raising $10,279.84, Patty Wilson won the award for raising the most money during the five days.

“We still have money coming in from restaurant donations,” said one of the two Student Council sponsors Paula Farley. Dionne Liebl is the other sponsor.

With Deer Creek Stu-Co 2013 At the Movies as their week’s theme, and taking their cue from the Academy Awards presentations, students gave Oscar awards to outstanding performers on the fundraising stage. Outstanding supporting actor, Best Action, and the Best Leading Role were among the Oscar winners who also received cookies for their performance.

After winning the award for the “Best Leading Role,” Farley told the students, “You are awesome. I can’t do this without you.”

The freshman class won hall decorations with “Disney Movies” as their theme.

While the Co-ed Pom entertained, the school’s choir, directed by teacher Grace Pierson, sang “One Day More,” the Oscar-winning title from Les Miserable, and Drama teacher Matt Cheek brought the roof down when he joined the choir walking out on the gymnasium floor singing.

The week’s activities included selling food items like Oreo balls and spicy pretzels, holding a dodge ball tournament, a powder puff football game, a talent show and a Blacklight assembly. Students got to vote on their phones during the assembly for the best-dressed group during the fashion show earlier in the week as well as the best-dressed hallway.

With Deer Creek students going to state tournaments in basketball, golf and cross country during the week, students still managed to find time to participate in fundraising activities to help students without homes who attend Positive Tomorrows.

“Our Student Council members with the help of the student body did a great job raising money this year,” WWF chair Selena Choudry said. “Any money raised for such a deserving organization is wonderful.”

Deer Creek High School principal Tracy Skinner said, “I am so proud of the individuals who helped us in raising the money for WWF Week. We raised what we did in five days, rather than the regular six days normally set aside.”


Positive Tomorrows impacts young lives

At Positive Tomorrows, the leaders strive to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty through education. It is the only elementary school in Oklahoma specifically for homeless children and their families that works to help make that goal a reality.

Positive Tomorrows is a private, tuition-free elementary school that teaches kindergarten through fifth-graders and meets the unique needs of homeless children and their families.

After hearing the reveal of the money raised, Susan Agel, president and principal of Positive Tomorrows, told the students attending their assembly was the most fun she had had all week.

“Most homeless children won’t graduate,” Agel said. “Positive Tomorrows helps more students to be able to have some of the same kinds of experiences you have had.”

Also visiting from Positive Tomorrows were Margaret Creighton, director of development, and Todd Lechtengerger.

“I am inspired to get to work for Positive Tomorrows, said Daniel Somers, board chairman for Positive Tomorrows. “Everyday I get to work for Positive Tomorrows the students are inspiring to me. You are inspiring me also as you are coming together to help someone else.”

Forty-five students are attending the school, and the enrollment is restricted by space available, Somers said. “We have turned away 50 to 55 students this year.”

Positive Tomorrows relies on volunteers, groups who donate supplies for the students and financial contributions. For more information about Positive Tomorrows, go to