The Edmond Sun

August 19, 2013

Edmond cops draw guns during tense incident

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — A police officer hearing screams inside an Edmond home kicked in a door and found three children standing near a man holding a butcher knife, an incident report stated.

The call came in at about 2 a.m. Friday near the West Edmond Road-Santa Fe intersection on Old English Road, according to an incident report filed by Police Officer James Sheltman. He responded to a domestic incident and was told by dispatch a female was afraid an intoxicated male was going to kill her, Sheltman stated.

When he arrived, the front door was open and the glass door was shut. An unidentified person was standing at the door, crying with a child in her hands, Sheltman stated.

As he approached the door, the male was holding his right arm straight out behind a wall where the officer could not see the hand, Sheltman stated. He asked the male to show him his hand, but the male placed it further behind the wall out of view, Sheltman stated.

He drew his gun and ordered the male to show him his hand, but the male slammed the door shut and locked it, Sheltman stated. He heard some banging around and it sounded like someone got pushed up against the door.

“I then heard a female screaming and noises that sounded like a physical altercation,” Sheltman stated. “I then heard [name redacted] screaming for help.”

Due to the male’s demeanor and the screams for help, he kicked in the front door, Sheltman stated.

When the door opened there were three children standing near the door. The male was in the hallway to the right with a butcher knife in his hand, Sheltman stated. A female was pushing him back into the hallway, the report stated.  

As he was trying to get the children out of the way, he drew his weapon and advised the male to put down the knife, Sheltman stated.

Instead, the male went into the kitchen and Sheltman lost eye contact with him, the report stated. The male exited the kitchen and did not have the knife in his hand, Sheltman stated.

Sheltman stated the male had picked up a child and was holding him. The male continued walking toward him, yelling at the officer in Spanish, Sheltman stated.

Sheltman told the male to put down the child and he complied, the report stated. The male continued to walk toward him in an aggressive manner, yelling at him, Sheltman stated.

He tackled the male and placed handcuffs on him, Sheltman stated.

As Sheltman and Police Officer Josh Smith sought to get the male into Sheltman’s patrol car, the male kicked the glass door, shattering it, sending glass onto the officers, the report stated.

Sheltman stated that once the scene had been controlled, the female said she got into a verbal fight with her husband, Salvador Reyes-Sanchez, 39, of Edmond. When Sheltman arrived, Reyes-Sanchez began yelling and slammed the door.

When she attempted to open the door, Reyes-Sanchez grabbed her and punched her several times in the face with a closed fist, Sheltman stated. He asked if the children saw Reyes-Sanchez punch her and she said, “Yes,” Sheltman stated.

She had a swollen left cheek and a knot on her forehead from being punched, Sheltman stated. One of the children told him his father hit his mother, Sheltman stated.

When she attempted to open the door to leave the home, Maria Guadalupe-Reyes, 46, of Oklahoma City, pulled her away from the door and pushed her down to the ground, Sheltman stated.

In a supplemental report, Police Officer Tim Harwell stated he and Police Officer Micah Yost responded to the emergency call. While on the way, Smith advised they could slow down, Harwell stated.

Harwell stated he saw Sheltman and Smith take Reyes-Sanchez down to the living room floor. He then saw Guadalupe-Reyes approach Sheltman and try to pull him off Reyes-Sanchez, attempting to impede Sheltman, Harwell stated.

With his weapon drawn, Harwell ran into the home, approached Guadalupe-Reyes and pulled her away from Sheltman, Harwell stated. Moments later, Harwell placed her in handcuffs, the report stated.

Officers found the knife on the kitchen table, Sheltman stated.

Reyes-Sanchez was arrested on felony complaints of assault and battery in the presence of a child, kidnapping and false personation; Guadalupe-Reyes was arrested on complaints of kidnapping and obstructing an officer, Sheltman stated.

Reyes-Sanchez was booked into the Oklahoma County jail; bond was to be set by a judge, according to court records. Guadalupe-Reyes’ bond was set at $51,000. | 341-2121, ext. 108