The Edmond Sun

December 4, 2012

Police: Apple device tracks student’s stolen laptop

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — An Apple device helped a school resource officer find an Edmond high school student’s stolen $2,000 laptop, an incident report stated.

During the morning of Nov. 13, a Santa Fe High School administrator called Edmond School Resource Officer Dack Pearson about a larceny, according to the report filed by Pearson.

After morning orchestra rehearsal, the victim noticed his Apple MacBook Pro laptop was missing from where he had placed it beforehand, the report stated. Surveillance video did not show anyone acting suspiciously due to too much student movement, Pearson stated.

On Nov. 13, Pearson received a call from the victim who said an Apple device had located his laptop in the area of 122nd and Rockwell, the location of Francis Tuttle Technology Center, the report stated.

The report did not specify the type of device, but Apple has a feature called “Find My Mac,” which uses iCloud and iO5 or later allowing an owner to among other things locate, remotely lock or erase the Mac, according to information posted on Apple’s website.

Due to the device, Pearson learned a student who had orchestra with the victim had logged onto the laptop, the report stated. The victim told Pearson the student attended Francis Tuttle in the afternoon, the officer stated.

Pearson went to Francis Tuttle. After he spoke with Deputy Michael Chitwood and an administrator an unidentified person got the student from class, the report stated. On the way to the office, Pearson asked the student if he knew why he was removed from class; “Is it because of the laptop that I have in my backpack?” the student replied, according to the report.

In the office, the student removed the victim’s laptop from his backpack and gave it to Pearson, the report stated. Pearson stated he could see where stickers described by the victim had been removed.

After agreeing to cooperate, the student said he wanted a laptop and he already had one, but it was old, according to the report. When he turned it on he saw that it belonged to a fellow orchestra student who was an acquaintance, the report stated.

He said he had a login through Apple and used it to access the computer, that he had erased the hard drive, that he planned to use the laptop for himself and that he didn’t know if he was going to return it or not, the report stated.

Pearson stated he had the student sign an affidavit of non-ownership form on the laptop and sleeve. An unidentified person signed the affidavit as a witness to the student not claiming ownership of the property listed in the affidavit, the report stated.

At the station, Pearson informed the student he was going to face a grand larceny complaint, the report stated. He was booked into the city jail and shortly released to a parent/guardian. Photos of the laptop were booked into evidence and included for Pearson’s case record packet for submission to the district attorney’s office.

The victim’s mother said her son needed the laptop for educational purposes and it was returned to him, the report stated. | 341-2121, ext. 108