The Edmond Sun

December 6, 2012

Commissioners OK Thornbrooke expansion

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The final plat of Thornbrooke Manor III was approved 3-2 this week by the Edmond Planning Commission. A 39-acre single family addition would be located north of 33rd Street, east of Bryant, south of Thornbrooke Boulevard.

Commissioners Rob Rainey and Barry Moore voted against the item.

Eighty-five lots of single family home lots would be 100 feet by 140 feet, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner. They have no access at 33rd Street which has a street easement established at 70 feet, Schiermeyer said.

Thornbrooke Development, LLC is requesting the new streets to connect with Thornbrooke Boulevard. The building lines shown on the plat are 20 feet.

“This is pretty much identical to the preliminary plat you already approved,” said Randel Shadid, representing Thornbrooke Development. A 5-acre single family lot was not included in the preliminary plat and there is no indication what the owner plans to do with it, Shadid said.

Thornbrooke resident, Michele Davey, said she is concerned the 5-acre parcel near the Bryant entrance to the property is not part of the final plat of Thornbrooke Manor III.

“Why I’m concerned is there’s no way to make it single family housing after this,” she said. “They would have to have drives coming off of Bryant Ave. And that street is so busy I don’t think that would happen.”

Davey said she asked the developer to extend the cul-de-sac of homes along Thornbrooke Boulevard.

The Thornbrooke Manor Homeowners Association is supportive of the property developing into single family residences, said association president Paul Brewer.

“Much the same way, we are also very concerned about the lack of inclusion for this 5-acre plat,” Brewer said. “It has been the subject of a prior attempt to rezone that particular acreage away from single family residential and we believe that is the future intent as well.”

Roger Williams of Thornbrooke Village said he shares the concerns of his neighbors that the new Thornbrooke development would be twice the density of existing neighborhoods.

“This will bring a significant influx of traffic and activity into the neighborhood and is not compatible with the layout and design of the three other neighborhoods,” Williams said.

Matthew Anderson echoed the traffic concerns and said developers will be back in future years asking to rezone the 5-acre plat for commercial use.

“We understand there is an issue with that lot,” Shadid said. “My client has no development plans for that lot at the present time. It remains and is unaffected by this application.”

The City Council will consider the item on Jan. 14. | 341-2121