The Edmond Sun

January 7, 2013

HOPE Center takes part in charity database

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — EDITOR’S NOTE: The final dollar amount for The Edmond Sun Christmas Samaritan Fund Drive benefitting the HOPE Center will be unveiled in Saturday’s Weekender edition of The Sun.

HOPE Center of Edmond has begun sharing a clearing house database for case management.

“We are part of the Greater Oklahoma Clearing House, so there are several agencies that are using that,” said Chris Sperry, HOPE Center executive director.

HOPE is a local charitable nonprofit agency providing temporary emergency assistance to 500-700 people each month. Loss of income, unemployment, divorce and disease are among the factors bringing clients to HOPE.

HOPE, which stands for Helping Our People in Emergency, was founded in 1984 by the Edmond Ministerial Alliance, an interdenominational council of churches, and the Edmond Women’s Club, a local civic organization.

HOPE began using to program in May, but took until November to fill the database, Sperry said. The cost to HOPE is $15 a month.

“That’s very cost effective,” she said.

Household information of clients is entered into a database as a safeguard against the duplication of services.

“So when we record what services they get, we can also see if they got services last week at Salvation Army or somewhere else,” Sperry said.

CharityTracker is also used by United Way, Red Cross, the Baptist Charity Network and the Salvation Army, according to its website The program helps to avoid duplication of services among agencies, Sperry said.

“It helps us make sure we are using our resources wisely, and it does help us coordinate better with other agencies,” she said.

HOPE clients must live in an Edmond or Arcadia ZIP codes to receive the gamut of emergency assistance the charity offers. However, residents of Oklahoma City and Logan County are eligible to receive food and clothing. | 341-2121