The Edmond Sun

November 26, 2012

City of Edmond designates downtown demolition sites

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Edmond City Council voted unanimously Monday night for the demolition of city properties to make way for the Public Safety Center project.

Edmond voters approved a half-cent sales tax in 2010 to build a $25.5 million PSC. The site will house the Edmond Police Department with Public Safety and Communications and Emergency Management.

The  70,000-square-foot Edmond PSC will be built on a 1-acre site at 100 E. First St. where the City of Edmond Administration Building currently stands facing Littler.

“I will assure downtown business owners we are not taking anything down until after the first of the year,” said Charles Lamb, mayor. “We had the water line project last year and don’t want to mess up your streets.”

Laboratory, vehicles, evidence-based storage and other related functions will be located at an auxiliary building at 315 W. 33rd St. The $3.5 million Police Department South Support Facility will replace a former Electric Department and vehicle maintenance building.

City Attorney Steve Murdock said other city-owned properties to be demolished include a former antique store at 28 E. Hurd, a former laundry at 15 N. Littler, the old bank drive-in facility at 25 E. First, and the former Animal Welfare Facility at 30 W. Third.

“We’ll also have another item at the first of the year to authorize the final design and move forward with the bid process,” Murdock said. Construction should take 18 months to two years and the building should open in early 2015.

With the vote, Lamb said the staff will be able to prepare properties for demolition.

“You’ll certainly hear more as this proceeds,” Lamb said. “This is one of our first major challenges in building the environment. It’s going to be a challenge.” | 341-2121