The Edmond Sun

February 25, 2013

Horshack ‘Makes the Cut’ at Westminster

By Kristine Meggenberg
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — Having never owned a dog until six years ago, Jennifer Duffy now owns four dogs and has just returned from Westminster Dog Show in New York City.

Growing-up Duffy can’t even remember asking for a dog. Six years ago she was a newlywed and her husband wanted a Boston terrier dog. Duffy agreed not knowing how much that decision would change her life.

Duffy fell in love with their first Boston terrier, Lily, and began researching breeding. One out of every three puppies meets the American Kennel Club breed standards. The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed “the American Gentlemen” because of their sophisticated appearance and suitability as a companion and house pet.

Duffy went to Westminster Dog Show Feb. 9-11 to show her 3-year-old Boston Terrier named Horshack.

“Getting there was a disaster. On our flight to New York we were detoured to Baltimore because of the big snow storm that was about to hit New York,” Duffy said. “I was on the flight with several other trainers headed to Westminster so we decided to all rent a car and make it to New York.”

To get into Westminster participants apply online, pay a fee and depending on the availability can become eligible to go.

There were 30 dogs in the Boston Terrier breed category at Westminster. Horshack was one of five male Boston Terriers that was asked to come back to the table to be re-examined by the judges. Horshack was awarded Making the Cut with the other top five but next year hopes to win first place, which is called Best of Breed.

“We would absolutely go back next year,” Duffy said.

Duffy has been showing Boston Terriers for five years. Her first show was in Amarillo in December 2007 where she won Best of Breed with her dog Lily. The first place prize is a ribbon.

“A ribbon is for pride and ego,” Duffy said. “This type of sport allows you to bond with your dog and develop a relationship.”

Duffy and her dog Horshack have trained at the Canine Sports Academy in Norman at 30217 Santa Fe Ave. Duffy will enter about 26 shows each year, putting her on the road two to three weekends a month.

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