The Edmond Sun

May 31, 2013

Decker returns to school administrative position

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Randy Decker, Edmond’s new executive director of human resources, started his job Tuesday. Decker is returning to a position he left in January 2012 and taking over the position filled by Trey Box.

Prior to leaving the district to take a job with Sandridge Oil Company, Decker had worked in some capacity in the Edmond Public Schools for 19 years, the last seven of them as a member of the administrative team.

Education was a much bigger part of him than he knew, Decker said.

“Even though I was working with schools in my capacity in the Communications and Community Relations department at Sandridge,” Decker said, “it wasn’t the same as working in the human relations capacity I am back in with the district.”

Decker said while working in Oklahoma City it was easy to lose touch with the Edmond community.

“Edmond was and is such a part of my life,” Decker said. “I spent 19 years in the Edmond community, but the opportunity came along with Sandridge and at the time it was where I thought I should be.”

Decker said working at Sandridge was extremely rewarding because of the company’s involvement and strong commitment with the community.

“Not only did we work with Oklahoma City schools finding volunteers to go in and work with the students, but we worked with people who were incarcerated,” Decker said. “We worked with kids in crisis, some were in foster care and some were homeless.”

Decker said one of the things that was exciting and rewarding to him was helping start a school in Haiti.

Decker added working in education to help provide the best possible teachers and administrators is a part of who he is and, “schools, that is where my heart is.”

He added, “Edmond is a special place where opportunities have been given to me, and I am glad to be able to give back.”

Decker said he believes in the capacity as executive director of human resources he is able to make a difference.

“I enjoy people and I enjoy helping people,” Decker said.

Decker said when he discussed coming back to the district with his wife, Anne, she said, “I miss you being a part of the Edmond schools because you loved it so much.”

Randy has three children in Edmond schools including Kate, a senior at Edmond North High School; Sarah, a sophomore at Edmond North High School,  and Will, who is in the fourth grade at Clegern Elementary.

“My motivation as always is to help find the best people to work with Edmond’s students,” Randy said. “I want to help place people who are going to be helping our students.”

Decker said the challenge in his job now will be to replace the teachers who are retiring. There is also a new elementary school opening in August that needs a full slate of teachers and personnel.

“It is getting harder and harder to find employees for the administrators to choose from,” Decker said, “but I will continue to work hard to find a large pool of teachers for the administrators to select the right one for the position they have open.”