The Edmond Sun

October 5, 2012

Hepner misses the mark

Jack D. Cypert
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I feel compelled and justified to respond harshly to an editorial article submitted by Mickey Hepner! (“What we didn’t hear in Tampa,” The Edmond Sun, Sept. 1, 2012)

I am not sure I have ever read in the paper  more ridiculous and untrue comments than those stated by Hepner. My first thought is to ask what cave he has been living in the past four years?

I think it is foolish to try to claim a favorable economic record from President Obama’s dismal and laughable performance. All of Obama’s attempts to fix the economy have failed and backfired miserably. Almost everyone knows that.

Hepner quotes figures I have never heard, read about or seen before! I don’t know how any reasonably knowledgeable, honest person can read his gibberish with a straight face!

He seems to think because he is quoted as being a dean of a business school and some fancy titled board that his word is gospel and no one would dare question his authenticity! But Hepner’s whole article is biased, misleading, undocumented propaganda.

He is so out of touch with reality because he is a die-hard liberal in the tank for Obama. And therefore, it is no surprise that he blindly and arrogantly tries to defend the indefensible Obama administration.

Shame on you Mickey Hepner and all the other left-wing academia who twist facts and try to impress the rest of us with your very questionable superior intellectual acumen!