The Edmond Sun

March 15, 2014

Life lessons add up for students

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The numbers are staggering. They include $441,552 earned during Swine Week, $249,789 for Double Wolf Dare Week and $301,144 made during BALTO Week.

Just under $1 million was raised this year by students of Edmond Public Schools. Their fellow students in Deer Creek brought in $90,130 while Oklahoma Christian School students raised $76,800 in their respective fundraising weeks.

This feat of pulling together and uniting youth for a common cause is part of what makes the Edmond community unique. It’s a shining example to the school’s younger students that no matter someone’s age they can make a difference in their community.

And make a difference these students did this year for the foster children of Peppers Ranch, the men, women and children who find refuge at the City Rescue Mission and the children who find a place to learn and grow at Special Care Inc.

About another 1,000 Edmond children will benefit from the students’ generosity next school year when they receive new clothing at U R Special Ministries in Edmond. This charity was the three Edmond high school’s Common Thread recipient, receiving about $50,000, or 5 percent, of the three schools’ total funds raised.

The events at all five schools are student led. These projects teach students how to raise funds for causes they believe in, how to speak in public, how to advocate for something other than themselves and how to believe in themselves and others. There is no better real world lesson plan than the one offered by the fundraising weeks.

This community has much to be proud of in what its high school students have accomplished. They have offered hope to hundreds of people who needed it. They are a beacon of light to many other youth who are served by these charitable agencies. And they are a shining example of why so many people choose to make Edmond their home. These students exemplify the caring attitude of our community and we congratulate them on their tremendous accomplishments.

We cannot wait to see the difference that will be made by next year’s fundraising weeks.