The Edmond Sun

November 1, 2013

LETTER: Terry family thanks community, police for outpouring of support

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

A month ago, we lost our beloved husband, father, son, brother and uncle, Matt Terry, too soon and without warning. Matt’s passing laid our family low and we were lost.

But not for long. The outpouring of love and support from our family and friends, our community, was overwhelming and immediate. Countless people reached out to us with shoulders to cry on, words of faith and encouragement, home cooked meals, heartfelt prayers, financial support, a bike rally, lawn care, flowers planted, even home repairs and simple chores like shopping and carpooling. Support came from all parts of our lives — family, friends and colleagues — as well as from folks we have not yet had the pleasure to meet. So many strangers, now dear to us, stopped and stood by their cars paying their respects as Matt passed from this life to the next. We are so grateful for such overwhelming grace and generosity.

One group, however, deserves special thanks and recognition: our Edmond Police Department family. Matt was 22 when we moved to Edmond, accepting a position with the department less than two weeks after graduating from college. He served just short of 20 years with his fellow officers and detectives. Matt’s brothers and sisters held our hands as we rode to the hospital on Oct. 2 and are still holding us close.  

Officers did not leave Matt’s side until he was laid to rest. The honor and tribute paid to Matt at his funeral and burial were breathtaking. Last weekend, members of the EPD and their families organized and ran the Matt Terry Memorial Softball Tournament, working tirelessly to raise additional financial support for our family. We are also grateful to the scores of businesses and individuals who gave of their time and treasure to make the day so special.  

The EPD has given us everything we could conceivably need to get through this traumatic time. Without fail, such kindness came before we could even think to ask for help. People speak about a “brotherhood,” but until you have really seen and felt it, there is no way to describe what a deeply meaningful bond it truly is.  

Matt was proud to be an Edmond Police officer and detective. He looked forward to work every day, and was blessed to have a job and coworkers that he truly loved. For all who call Edmond home, please know what a blessing it is for our city and all our families to be served by the honorable and compassionate people of the Edmond Police Department. Brothers and sisters to one another, and to us all.

Words can never express how much we appreciate what our community has done for us. As we continue to honor and live for Matt, we also hope to honor and give back to all of Edmond, in gratitude for your love and generosity.

Kathy and Heather, Bill and Jody, Doug and Amy, Gabe, Kendall and Madison Terry