The Edmond Sun

February 18, 2014

Actor’s convention may sprout up in Oklahoma

William F. O'Brien
Special to The Sun

OKLA. CITY — Victor Perillo is a former Hollywood talent agent who has a vision of creating what he calls a “National Actor Convention” in the state of Oklahoma that would provide a venue for acting students from around the nation to display their talent in an annual three-day event.

At the gathering, the students acted in a variety of productions at several different venues that would includee situation comedies, children’s shows, documentaries and various types of dramas. The students who participate at the convention were selected after auditioning for a place in it.

Producers, agents and casting directors who work in film and television production were invited to the convention and were able to view rehearsed scenes in the areas that are of interest to them.

Perillo, who was an agent for several decades who has written a book about acting, believes that such a gathering would allow talented actors who have attended Oklahoma and other states colleges and universities to display their work to those who make films and television shows.   

He asserts that such a convention could make Oklahoma an important entertainment venue and would result in more movies and television shows being made in the state.

 Like many people, Perillo, who also produced several made-for-TV movies, deplores the reality television shows that are so prevalent at this time and speaks fondly of the days when the television airwaves carried shows such as “Playhouse 90,” “Twilight Zone,” “I Love Lucy,” “All in the Family” and other productions that featured talented actors who would go on to play starring roles in movies.

Perillo believes that there is an untapped reservoir of talent in Oklahoma and other states of performers who could  bring quality drama and comedy back to television. He envisions the convention being the subject of a documentary film with the makers paying for the right to make it.  

The event would also be financially supported by national organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts and a consortiumof theater departments of local colleges and universities.

 The former agent reports that he has met with Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Scott Lamb, who has expressed an interest in his proposal and has indicated he is willing to support it.

If Perillo’s plans come to fruition, an annual actor’s convention in Oklahoma could be an event that brings thousands of people to the state and would showcase actors who will in time be seen in television productions and movies.