The Edmond Sun

October 15, 2012

Section 8 housing needs reform

Penni Hoenshell
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

Section 8 housing is in need of tighter restrictions and reform. Our entitlement programs have become overused and abused to the point that it is costing us more than we ever realized. The Section 8 Reform, Responsibility and Accountability Act is something that all of us with the power to vote need to encourage our representatives in Congress to stand behind.

The government umbilical, that gives significantly reduced if not entirely free housing, needs to be cut for those who seek to abuse it. We need to gain control over these programs and reform them so that those in true need can find footing with temporary assistance.

When this program was introduced it was not with the intention to give people with little drive or ambition an excuse to indulge on the taxpayers’ money. I fear all we are doing by allowing this to continue unchecked and under regulated is to allow an already heavy burden on those who work hard to carve out an honest living to become too heavy to carry. It is time for those who are able to work to start paying their own way, instead of riding off the success of others.