The Edmond Sun

October 29, 2012

LETTER: Chamber urges yes vote on SQ 766

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

The mission of the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce is to enhance economic opportunity and quality of life in Edmond. A central component of our ability to achieve this mission is a positive business climate, one that promotes expansion and entrepreneurship.

That is why we encourage everyone to vote yes on State Question 766 this November. Passing SQ 766 will prevent scores of new taxes on intangible property, which is property you can’t really see or touch. Should SQ 766 not pass this November, it would mean that new taxes could be imposed on computer software, business licenses, pensions, insurance policies, teaching certificates and scores of other things that are used by businesses and individuals alike. The only limit to what could be taxed is the imagination of the tax authority.

I can think of no business that would want to set up shop or expand in that type of environment. Why not just go to one of Oklahoma’s neighboring states?

We strongly urge a yes vote on SQ 766. Let’s keep Oklahoma moving forward.


Ken Moore


KEN MOORE is president and CEO of Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce.