The Edmond Sun

September 3, 2013

LETTER: EMSA response lacking; city should re-evaluate service

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

Within the past couple of days, I saw some heroism accompanied by some shortcomings in services we as taxpayers are paying for with respect to our safety.

Without going into details of the situation, emergency medical services were necessary. Our own Edmond Fire Department was on the scene as quickly as if the place was on fire! The certified Emergency Medical Technicians went to work providing fast, calm service to this young lady who needed them, as numerous individuals were standing back or offering comfort and support to the person in need.

I did not time the response of EMSA, but there was an agonizing wait, especially considering how close I know an ambulance to be stationed, waiting only for a dispatcher, as I pass it on the way to work five days a week.

The City of Edmond needs to re-evaluate this situation.

Do we want to continue to rely on a company whose services are paid for by our tax dollars, but which is only evaluated by its average response time (leaving some to languish, waiting to be the one to slow that average for the month), or do we expect ambulance service that would have arrived on the scene as fast as these dedicated EMTs from our own Edmond Fire Department?

One day, it could be your son or daughter, spouse or other loved one who is waiting, while you are hoping that your situation is not one that grows that average response time that EMSA is evaluated by.

Again, our Fire Department personnel are adequately (and continually) trained to provide such services as we saw administered while waiting for the ambulance. If we brought ambulance service back to our own Edmond Fire Department, the patient’s arrival to the hospital could have occurred that much more quickly.

Russell Sharp