The Edmond Sun

September 6, 2013

LETTER: Edmond police, fire, EMTs receive thanks

Special to The Sun

WICHITA, Kan. — To the Editor:

I want to commend your Police Department, Fire Department and EMS. On our way from Oklahoma City in the late night on Interstate 35, we had a flat tire and my husband couldn’t get the spare tire off from under the Trail Blazer.

We were in complete darkness. Luckily, I had seen an Edmond sign a ways back, but now didn’t know how far it was to there. I called 911, but needed to walk to a number sign so they would know where we were. While walking my asthma started, but finally I could read the sign and told them. 911 sent out the police, the fire and EMS. The police and fire people worked to get the spare free, the MS checked me over and I was OK after a treatment.

The police and fire were still working on the spare tire — it was corroded on and some of it would come off, but not all. Finally, after working a long time, one of the men went to his home and got his Sawzall. They used it and it came off and then they put the spare on. All this took a very long time, but they never gave up on us. Then we were on our way to Wichita.

You should be very proud of your police and fire departments for helping two senior citizens. We sure are!

Mike and Gladie Irwin

Wichita, Kan.