The Edmond Sun

January 11, 2013

Edmond Sun, HOPE Center fund drive hits goal

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — You did it. The Edmond community took up collections, dug deep in their pockets and gave generously to the 2012 Edmond Sun Christmas Samaritan Fund Drive benefiting the HOPE Center of Edmond.

In spite of dire predictions for the national economy teetering on the alleged fiscal cliff and the ensuing nervousness that engendered, the 2012 Fund Drive brought in $160,575. This meets the goal set by the HOPE Center, which is about one-third of the social agency’s annual operating budget.

Executive Director Chris Sperry told The Sun she believes every dollar given to the HOPE Center is a blessing to the agency and its clients. She shared that many donors give on an annual basis and are longtime supporters. But this year also saw some new supporters chip into the fund.

One example she shared was a note from a person brand new to the Edmond community. That donor wrote that the HOPE Center and the local support it receives represents the kind of community they want to reside in. That’s a strong testament to the caring and support offered to community members in need by the HOPE Center.

Others sent notes in with their annual donation and told the HOPE Center how sorry they were that they could not give more. Their hearts were willing, but pocketbooks were spread thin this past year. Sperry said in spite of the economic hardship felt by many in the community, those residents still kept the HOPE Center on their charitable donation list. That means a lot to both the center and its clients, she said.

Edmond is blessed to have so many in its community with a caring and giving spirit. We hope that none of the donors ever need the services of the HOPE Center in the future, but thanks to their generosity, the center stands ready to serve those in need in Edmond. We thank each and every donor for their generosity, their kindness and their time. We hope each one feels as blessed in the giving as the HOPE Center feels blessed in the receiving. Thank you for allowing this agency to continue its mission and its commitment to those in need.