The Edmond Sun

July 29, 2011

Choose a plan for debt relief

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — As the nation two-steps its way toward defaulting on its debts, and thus endangering its AAA-credit rating for the first time in our 235-year history, one group in Congress has actually done its homework.

Whether you liked their plan or not, at least the Gang of Six has a plan. It’s better than what those on the sidelines are offering, which is nothing but empty rhetoric and jumping up and down like a bunch of 3-year-olds because they cannot get everything they want.

The Gang of Six, which includes Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, offered a number of detailed ways to solve some of the nation’s long-term debt problems. Essentially their plan acknowledges the fact that everyone is going to have to suffer to some degree as Americans at every economic level adjust to the new reality. In fact, to deal with America’s significant overspending splurge, we are going to have to make adjustments in our expectations of government not once, but probably several times in the next decade or so as we try to figure this debt deal out.

While those doing the partisan shuffle in Washington, D.C., stand their ground on minor side issues and steer our great nation to the brink of insolvency, the American people should take this opportunity to remember that We the People are the boss of this business enterprise known as a republic. If we say there’s no raises, then our employees, the Congress, should take it seriously and figure out how to steer the nation toward a more sustainable debt load.

It’s time to revisit what the nation’s list of essential functions really are, and let’s fund those items. Most Americans probably want a few more items than what the Founding Fathers found necessary, but perhaps not by much. If we as a nation come together and decide that list of essential government functions requires more money that what we have, then the nation should step up and pay more in taxes. It might be like taking a second job for a while to pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean it has to last forever. Like any addict, no one seems to want to admit that yes, we are going to have to pay up eventually.

Regardless of which party you give your allegiance to, it’s time to give your true loyalty to the greater good of the nation. Send your congressman a clear message as to what you believe should be America’s top funding priorities so that Congress can hone down our spending to a manageable level.