The Edmond Sun

November 18, 2011

Our View: Sustainment center good news for Tinker

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Air Logistics Center at Tinker Air Force Base will now be a command site for a new Air Force sustainment and logistics center. Other changes include adding a three-star general that oversees operations at Tinker and two other Air Force bases.

While it’s also true that the move brings a reduction of 269 jobs at Tinker, there are many more positives to the news than negatives.

Tinker is vital to the Oklahoma City metro area’s economy and Edmond is particularly entwined with the base’s fate as more than 1,000 local residents commute there for their employment. Many other local businesses have contracts with the base.

We applaud the move as it shows that our state’s congressional delegation is doing its job in securing a brighter future for the base. It shows that Oklahoma County voters did the right thing when they approved the funding to purchase the old GM plant that was retrofitted for Tinker’s needs.

While everyone is nervous about what might be cut from the Department of Defense and Pentagon budgets by the congressional Supercommittee tasked with cutting federal spending, we believe this recent repositioning at Tinker should only strengthen its case under future base realignment discussions.