The Edmond Sun

March 30, 2012

OUR VIEW: Fundraisers make an impression

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond students in both public and private schools showed their community spirit in February and March by raising $1.18 million total for charity.

Memorial High School’s Swine Week brought in a whopping $475,000 for Oklahoma Project Woman. Edmond Santa Fe students rolled out $283,421 in dough from Double Wolf Dare Week for the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center while Edmond North High School’s BALTO events rang up $282,145 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Deer Creek High School students earned $80,285 for Wings: A Special Needs Community and Oklahoma Christian School raised $57,443 for Somotillo Baptist School in Nicaragua.

The commitment, planning and execution of these massive fundraisers is all student-led, which makes the feat even more impressive. Edmond’s high school students have shown tremendous heart, empathy and a willingness to look beyond themselves as they try to help others.

Each year, we watch students come up with more creative ways to raise these funds and each year they continue to find new ways to astound the community with their ingenuity and passion.

Many adults have tried to raise funds for charity and have not come anywhere close to the success of our local students.

We would like to thank the school districts for allowing the students the opportunity to have this type of incredible experience. Lessons outside of the classroom are often as important as those inside the school environment.

And we congratulate every student who participated in these challenges. We appreciate the courage and commitment they have given to others and we firmly believe that they will reap back more than what they have sown with these good deeds.