The Edmond Sun

August 5, 2011

Our View: Kuhlman on right track

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond Board of Education member Lee Ann Kuhlman recently proposed that the school district explore drilling its own water wells in an effort to cut back on irrigation costs for its properties.

Kuhlman told the board at its annual retreat that she was concerned about the costs of watering landscaping at the district’s numerous facilities. One figure relayed to her is that a school might spend $4,000 a month during the hottest months to keep the landscaping from dying in the heat.

“If that is the case, a water well would pay for itself in a minimal amount of time, then we could use that money someplace else,” Kuhlman said at the meeting.

Her thought process started on an individual level, but soon broadened to her new role as a school board member.

“I started thinking of just our own personal use in the hottest part of the summer, and it just makes sense to look into having wells on the school sites,” Kuhlman said.

One of the benefits of water wells for large properties is that during drought conditions like Oklahoma is experiencing this summer, those with water wells can try to save their landscaping investment while those on city water are required to ration. Many neighborhoods as well as individual homeowners in the city do have their own water wells, allowing them to try and preserve their landscaping in this heat.

Kuhlman’s idea has merit and we hope the school district will fully explore whether this can save money in our state’s ever-shrinking budget climate.

Since her election earlier this year, Kuhlman has shown herself to be an independent voice on the Edmond Board of Education. She deserves kudos for her diligence, thoughtfulness and out-of-the box thinking. We want to say thanks to Lee Ann for her work on behalf of all the Edmond Public School District’s patrons, employees and students.