The Edmond Sun

February 11, 2012

OUR VIEW: Feb. 14 vote about ideas

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — If you read any of the letters to the editor in the past two weeks regarding Tuesday’s District 2 Edmond school board race, then you already know that this election is not about the individual candidates so much as it’s about what type of school board do Edmond residents really want governing their school district?

In the past five years or so, there has been a distinct divide in philosophies by board members about how they should conduct themselves and how active a role they should take in representing their constituents.

One philosophy views that the district’s administrative team is superior and the board should stay out of their way and let them run the district with broad oversight guidance from the board. It’s a philosophy based on trust and confidence. The competing philosophy is one that prefers more of a watchdog, oversight role by the board and more active participation in the district, particularly in hearing concerns from patrons. These board members have viewed their role as one of good stewardship by strengthening checks and balances and by asking plenty of questions.

The recently approved gift policy outlining limits on gifts made to those in leadership positions over contract and vendor decisions is a good example of how the board is planning ahead to prevent potential problems instead of waiting to react to one if it should ever occur in the district. We would point out there are no known graft cases within our local school district thankfully, and the gift policy should help keep it that way.

Kathleen Duncan, the two-term incumbent, and Steven F. Roy, running for office for the first time, have each staked out their positions on the role of the Board of Education. Their views differ in how they will approach accomplishing the board’s work in the next five years.

We strongly encourage all voters in Edmond District 2 to educate themselves on Duncan’s record as a board member and Roy’s stated goals if he is elected. Then decide what type of leadership you truly want in charge of Edmond Public Schools. It’s your school district and your voice matters in how it’s led.

Only residents of District 2, centered in north and west Edmond, are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.