The Edmond Sun

November 5, 2013

Police seek ID of restaurant robbery suspects

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Police said they need the public’s help in identifying suspects who robbed an Edmond fast food restaurant and fled with about $1,100 in cash.

On Tuesday, the Edmond Police Department released the report and surveillance video of the incident, which occurred last week at Jack in the Box, 2108 W. Danforth.

Police spokeswoman Jenny Monroe said the EPD needs the public’s help in identifying two suspects wanted in the robbery.

At about 3:42 a.m. Oct. 29, Edmond Police Officer Branden Baxley responded to the restaurant where the incident occurred about 20 minutes earlier.

Baxley stated an employee said a black male armed with a gray, small caliber gun entered the lobby and said, “Get down and there isn’t going to be a problem.” A second male entered the lobby from a different door.

The employee got down on the floor while the second male took an unidentified person to the back of the business, Baxley stated. He said he was ordered to empty the money from five registers and from the safe but he could only access part of the safe, Baxley stated.

Baxley stated the employee removed a bank bag containing about $500 in cash and put it in a plastic trash bag, and then he was told to go to the back room and get down on the floor. He was told to stay down for 20 minutes and someone was watching, Baxley stated.

The employee said the suspects were black males wearing all black and hoodies, but part of their faces were uncovered, Baxley stated. One of the males was stocky, the other taller with a thin build, Baxley stated.

A second witness said two males entered the lobby and ordered them to the ground, Baxley stated. One of them took her cell phone before they left out the back door, Baxley stated.

Officers had dispatched “ping” the phone, which was located near the park located in the Trails North addition, Baxley stated. Officers responded to the location, but were not able to locate the phone.

Pinging involves using a cell phone signal, cell towers and GPS to find or track phones and people.

As Baxley left the restaurant, an employee of a nearby business said when he arrived at work between 3:20 and 3:30 a.m., he observed a black male sitting in a red or maroon Toyota 4-door with older all white Texas license plates in the parking lot, Baxley stated.

He said the male was acting strangely and was slouched down in the driver’s seat, Baxley stated.

A surveillance video clip shows a male dressed all in black wearing a hoodie and a second male wearing a light-colored shirt, white shoes and a ballcap carrying a trash bag through a storage area of the kitchen toward an exit. Before exiting, the male carrying the bag looks back over his shoulder.

Monroe said anyone with information about the suspects in this case should call 359-4454, the number of the detective working the case. | 341-2121, ext. 108