The Edmond Sun

April 19, 2013

Deer Creek Intermediate School installs commemorative wall

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Deer Creek Intermediate School recently finished installing its third tile wall as a way to help the students become part of something larger than themselves and to commemorate the naming of the former Deer Creek Middle School to Deer Creek Intermediate School housing fifth- and sixth-grade students.

Each student had a chance to sign a tile and some of the students painted quilt patterns in shades of blue to join the other two tile commemorative walls in the front of the school.

Bonnie Gull, the school’s art teacher for more than 23 years, was approached by Principal Marshall Ottinger at the beginning of the school year with the idea of making an art piece to tie in with the opening of the new intermediate school.

“I always like to have a theme, so we chose ‘A place where dreams get started ... My dream is to ...,’” Gull said. “We worked on the piece composed of 495 pieces of monochromatic blue tiles, some signed by each of the students, some of them painted in quilt patterns and some painted with stars during the second and third nine weeks of school so each student had a chance to work on a tile. After the students painted the tiles I took them to House of Clay where they fired each one.”

The tiles were installed during spring break by Star Flooring with Josh Hardin in charge of the installation.

“We were glad to help,” Hardin said. “We were glad we could be a part of it.”

Ottinger said he put the word out that they were needing someone to help affix the tiles to the front wall and Patrick Goebel, president of Star Flooring volunteered his company’s expertise, the materials and labor.

“Most of the students have stopped and looked for their tiles,” Ottinger said, “although some are still finding theirs. This is a way for each student to feel like they are a part of the new intermediate school.”