The Edmond Sun

August 14, 2013

A-F report card ‘still a work in progress’

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Deer Creek Schools’ Chief Academic Officer Cindy Koss reported on changes in the A-F Report Card during the Deer Creek School Board meeting Monday.

Following her report, Board of Education President Danny Barnes said, “A-F is still a work in progress.”  

The A-F Report Card is comprised of two main sections, each worth 50 percent of the overall grade including student achievement and student growth. It was mandated by the state Legislature and was implemented last school year. The idea is to give parents a clear idea of school performance in an easy-to-read format.

Whole School Performance is no longer part of the main grade calculation, but instead, schools have the opportunity to gain up to 10 bonus points from achieving established criteria in attendance, advanced coursework, drop-out rates, graduation, college entrance exams and/or End of Instruction performance.

The Student Achievement Section includes all Oklahoma State Testing Program exams administered during the most recent school year. These exams include Oklahoma Core Curriculum tests, End-of-Instructions Exams, Oklahoma Modified Alternative Assessment Program and Oklahoma Alternative Assessment Program.

Performance in all content areas will be shown in the Student Achievement Section for 2012-13 year with the exception of social studies, history and geography exams, which were field test exams in 2012-13.

Performance Index Formula is calculated by the number of proficient or satisfactory scores plus the advanced scores divided by the total number of students tested then multiply that number by 100.

An example of an elementary performance index calculation in mathematics is: 100 (number of students proficient), added to 19 (number of students taking advanced courses found proficient) divided by 129 (students tested) multiplied by 100 equals a performance index of 92 or an A.

Koss reported that proficient/satisfactory scores and advanced scores are no longer weighted differently, and the required number of valid tests has been reduced from 30 to 10.

Score for the Performance Index and Letter Grade are as follows: 90 and above is an A, 80 to 89 is a B, 70 to 79 is a C, 60 to 69 is a D and 59 and below is an F.

In the Student Growth Section, growth is divided into two sub-categories.

First, all students in a school are worth 25 percent of the final grade.

Secondly, the bottom 25 percent of students in a school are worth 25 percent of the final grade. This is an increase from the previous 17 percent for each sub-category.

On reading and math exams only, grades 3-8 reading and mathematics and Algebra I and English II, the students are identified in the first section paired with a previous test score to evaluate growth.

On the bonus section schools can earn up to 10 bonus points applied toward their final grade. Ways of earning bonus points vary from elementary to middle school to high school. On the high school level, an overall EOI performance can garner a bonus point if 80 percent of the graduates from the previous year scored either a satisfactory/proficient or advanced on six out of seven EOI assessments.

Schools must test 95 percent of eligible students enrolled or the school’s overall letter grade will be reduced by one whole letter grade. By the same regard, if a school does not test 90 percent of eligible students, the school will automatically receive an “F,” regardless of the final index.

Koss reported major changes from the previous year include:

• Whole school performance is no longer part of the overall grade calculation. Instead, a maximum of 10 bonus points can be earned.

• Proficient and advanced are no longer weighted differently.

“In calculating performance and growth index, each of these performance levels are awarded one point,” Koss said, “where in the past a student taking an advanced placement test and scoring above 80 percent earned 1.2 points.”

• GPA is no longer calculated for the district or site. A final index is translated into the grade.


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