The Edmond Sun

April 22, 2013

Oklahoma State University team wins Red Bull Land Rush challenge

Special to The Sun

OKLAHOMA CITY — The wind wasn’t the only thing sweeping down the plain Saturday as the Red Bull Land Rush stormed into Oklahoma City. Twenty teams of three competed in the spirited 4-mile race along the Oklahoma River trails. Claiming the deed to a city suite in Chicago for Lollapalooza 2013 was “Pup n’ Suds” from Oklahoma State University. Team members Michael Custer, Trent Renshaw and Jacob Stivers, all of Edmond, are ready to put down their books and head to the Windy City for the three-day concert event.

“In the end, it was all about teamwork,” Custer said. “The course was exhausting, and both physically and mentally challenging. At several points in the race, we were flustered and the constant Oklahoma wind didn’t help. Our strategy was to stick together and push each other, and I guess it worked, since we’re going to Chicago.”

Students from six state colleges, including the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, Northern Oklahoma College and Oklahoma City Community College, participated in the adventure race, which challenged both the body and mind.

Participants used clues to find nine checkpoints along the Oklahoma River trails. At each stop, teams were given challenges, including math problems, navigation challenges, building a homestead and a lasso challenge. Red Bull Land Rush was not a typical race where the first across the finish line wins. Throughout the course, there were clues teams had to decipher and use on the final challenge.

Winning team, “Pup n’ Suds,” finished their missions and answered the final challenge correctly. The second place team, and first to cross the finish line, was “Team Throwback” from the University of Oklahoma and included team members Steve Behm, Broderick Browne and Cameron Ghafil.

“We were down the entire time but rallied and ended up at the final challenge first,” Behm said. “In the end, we were one number off from winning the tickets to Lollapalooza, but overall, it was super fun, and we had a blast participating.”

This year’s Red Bull Land Rush challenge marks the third year the event has been held in Oklahoma. It is held two days before Oklahoma Day, April 22, when the Oklahoma Land Run originally took place 124 years ago.