The Edmond Sun

July 26, 2013

OSU names incoming freshmen to President’s Leadership Council

Special to The Sun

STILLWATER — Oklahoma State university has named 127 incoming freshmen to its President’s Leadership Council for the 2013-14 school year. PLC is a freshmen scholarship and academic leadership program that emphasizes the importance of leadership and service throughout life.

PLC students complete a year-long class that consists of leadership and ethic seminars, perform 40 hours of volunteer service, implement a leadership conference for high school seniors and complete a small group creative component project.

Edmond members in this year’s PLC class include: Chase Haddican, Chemical Engineering, Edmond North High School, son of Timothy and Mickey Haddican; and Allyson Cain, Speech Pathology, Edmond North High School, daughter of Brian and Jennifer Cain.

“To meet the challenges of the 21st Century, Oklahoma needs to develop creative, ethical, inclusive, and effective leaders,” said Stephen Haseley, director of OSU’s President’s Leadership Council. “OSU’s President’s Leadership Council will meet this challenge through an academic year-long course of instruction, scholarship, service-learning field experiences, leadership conference development and implementation for high school seniors, and international study. This year’s members of PLC, like previous participants in this program, will enhance their understanding of ethics and leadership and make positive contributions to this University, the state of Oklahoma, the nation, and the world.”

For more information about President’s Leadership Council, contact the Center for Ethical Leadership at 744-5485.